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Headline Sponsorships

Headline sponsorship are available in partnership with a national sponsorship. A sponsor can choose to promote a certain division, event, or area. The areas listed below would be named according to the sponsor's preference. All literature, promotional material, press releases, seminar and tournament announcements would reflect your company's name as the "owner" of an event.


"The Cabela's Classic"

"The (your company) Kid's Fishing Rodeos"

Headline sponsorship are available to national sponsors only. Some headline sponsorships are now under contract and may not be available.

Annual Headline Sponsorship Areas

  • Classic Headline
  • Youth Events Headline
  • Regional Events Headline (per event)
  • Amateur or Semi-Pro Points Division Headline
  • Adult/Youth Division Headline
  • Male/Female Division Headline
  • Female/Female Division Headline
  • Super Events Headline

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