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Tournament Rules

Official Rules of King Kat Events

All rules are to provide a fair and equal playing field for all competitors and are based on a (2) person team. Some states have trophy fish laws and/or individual rod limits that take precedent over our tournament rules. In those states, 3 person teams will be restricted to the same limits as a (2) person team.
  1. This is a team event. Team will consist of one, two or three persons. Six (6) rod limit rule still applies.
  2. In case of extreme water/weather conditions, VMD Promotions, LLC reserves the right to postpone or cancel this event with the return of entry fees by mail.
  3. Late registration will be held the day before competition at specified location from 5-7 pm. Captains Meeting/Seminar will follow at 7pm.
  4. There will be no meeting, late registration or boat launch the morning of the event. Anglers will be allowed to launch on tournament water at 5am tournament morning. No fishing is allowed until 6:30am.
  5. Refunds shall only be made in a life threatening emergency or death in the family. Entry fees may be moved and credited to another event with 2 full week notice and payment of $25.00 Transfer fee. (NO TRANSFER OR REFUND WITHIN 14 DAYS OF EVENT FOR ANY REASON – NO EXCEPTIONS)
  6. Teams must compete from a boat and remain in the boat during competition. Fishing within 50 yards of a marina gas pump or within 50 yards of a competitor’s boat, which was first anchored, is prohibited.
  7. All fish weighed must be caught by rod and reel only. A maximum of 6 rods per boat may be used, except where state limit is set at a lesser number. No catfish may be taken from trot, jug, or limb lines.
  8. Teams must comply with state fishing and boating regulations, including the use of PFDs and kill switches. Fishing and boating licenses are the responsibility of team members.
  9. Fishing hours for daytime events shall be 6:30 AM until 3:00 PM. All anglers must be in the weigh-in line by 4:00 PM. For night events see local information on cover of brochure. All boats must be launched from a public ramp and may not leave the public ramp area before 5a.m.
  10. Anglers cannot be back on the water, after Day 1 weigh in at Super Events, until Day 2 competition begins.
  11. Any legal commercial or natural bait will be allowed. No fishing known chum holes. Fish must be a minimum of 15" in length to be weighed.
  12. Blue Cat, Channel Cat, or Flathead Cat may be weighed. A team limit of 5 fish maximum must be alive to weigh in.
  13. The use of mobile communication devices such as cellular phones, marine radios, etc. to communicate fishing information during tournament hours is prohibited.
  14. In case of a tie for a qualifying team, a coin flip conducted by the tournament director will decide who qualifies for the Classic.
  15. Any team having a member who fails or refuses to take a polygraph test or whose condition does not permit administration of a test because of contestant’s use of alcohol or drugs will be disqualified and that team will not be allowed to participate in any future VMD Promotions, LLC events.
  16. Any protest must be made in writing to the tournament director within 30 minutes following the end of the official weigh-in. A protest must state the rule number(s) broken.
  17. The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during any King Kat activities.
  18. The use of or display of any tobacco products in weigh-in line, on stage or during awards ceremonies is prohibited.
  19. Wanton unsportsmanlike conduct may be grounds for disqualification if circumstances require. Decision of Tournament Director will be final.
  20. All tournaments will have boundaries and will be defined in each tournament brochure.
  21. Membership in King Kat Association is required to participate in King Kat Tournaments.
  22. Culling must be done prior to adding fish to weigh in container. When fish are placed in container they cannot be replaced with another fish.

How to Qualify for the King Kat Classic

Anglers will have several different ways to qualify for the 2019 King Kat $120,000 Classic. The top 3 teams at each local event will be qualified as long as they are not previously qualified. The top 25 teams at each super event will be qualified as long as they are not previously qualified. The top 50 points teams will automatically qualify. If you enter a minimum of 5 events in 2019 you automatically advance to the Classic. Lastly, if you come in the top 3 of an affiliate club event and fish at least 1 King Kat event you will be qualified.

2019 Points Race

Points race for 2019 with $30,000 up for grabs! Entering the points race is as easy as entering an event. Every team who enters a tournament during the 2019 season will accumulate points (Classic Included). Everyone is in a 200 point system (Example - 200pts for 1st, 199 for 2nd, 198 for 3rd etc). If you fish a tournament and do not weigh-in you must check in with the tournament director prior to the end of the weigh-in to receive 100 show points. Total points will be based on your best five tournament results. In the case of a tie, the largest fish caught at the Classic by a tied team will determine the winner. The top 50 teams in points will automatically advance to the King Kat Classic.

Code of Ethics

King Kat Tournament Trail is America’s Premier Catfish Trail. Much media coverage and attention will be focused on our events and especially at the weigh-in sites. Please present yourself in such a way as we can all be proud. Dress accordingly at the weigh-ins and be at the top of your behavior. The better image we project to our sponsors and America’s youth, the more highlight the sport of catfishing will receive. This will be of great benefit to those who are seeking their own sponsorship’s as well. Attention Catfish Clubs and Organizations: Register your organization with King Kat Trail and qualify your top two (2) teams from each event to fish the King Kat Classic, provided they fish one King Kat event, just for helping us promote King Kat Trail.

Driftmaster Bonus Program

Driftmaster Bonus - 2. At each King Kat tournament the winning team will receive 1 free entry ($300 at local events & $350 at Super Events) to their choice of remaining 2019 tournaments, or $300 in product. At the King Kat Classic, 1st place will receive one T-500 Trolling bar (valued at $251) and an additional $500. To qualify for the Driftmaster Bonus program, anglers will need to: (1) Donate $20 (cost of decals) to the scholarship fund at the seminar/registration where you will then receive 2 Driftmaster patches and 2 Driftmaster decals. (2) You must have the pro staff logo on your boat at weigh-in. (3) You must have only Driftmaster rod holders on your boat. Special "team" decals will be available.


At the request of VMD Promotions, LLC, any randomly selected team or one member of any team that qualifies for a prize must submit to and pass a POLYGRAPH TEST and/or any other test deemed necessary to determine compliance with tournament rules. Only one member of the team selected by the tournament director will be tested. If that member passes the test, the prize earned by the team will be awarded. If that member fails the test, the team will be disqualified and neither member of the team will be awarded a prize. The decision of the test examiner will be final. Contestants agree to release VMD Promotions, LLC and its sponsors of these events from any liability arising from the administration of the test and/or the decision of the test examiner. Contestants also agree that any mention of names or use of photographic likenesses may be used by King Kat and/or VMD Promotions, LLC and its national sponsors for promotional purposes.

All decisions regarding compliance with these rules and the interpretation of these rules will be made by the tournament director and VMD Promotions, LLC which reserves the right to make additional reasonable rules for the conduct of their tournaments if circumstances require. VMD Promotions, LLC (d/b/a King Kat) does not discriminate for reasons of race, creed, color, or national origin and we abide by all rules set forth in the American Disabilities Act.

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• • • $25.00 Late Fee applies to entries received less that 15 days prior to Tournament. • • •
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